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About Study Chemistry in study-chem.com Provide style of presentation and arrangement of different topics about chemistry for school college students. During the last few years, the board students in the chemistry of the different regions in the world have been trying to modernize. The syllabus of chemistry changed. This change results in a shortage of suitable texts for school college students. The author of study-chem.com seeks this change and trying to fulfill this gap.

Design of study-chem.com

Study-chem.com designed to incorporate the latest recommendation in the field of chemistry. All the posts, pages, and application of principles are published in the form of solved problems and numerical by online quizzes. Posts and pages contained in this website proper headings to understand the text in a more systematic manner. All posts and pages updated regularly and the labels give for this updating.

The author of study-chem.com wishes to thank all those who helped in the presentation of the posts and pages. Since drawbacks and better methods of presentation are always there. Suggestions for improvement and criticism will be gratefully received and acknowledged. Any improvement please contact online.

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