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Shape or diagram of s-orbital and p-orbitals


Definition of Orbital Orbital in chemistry or physics defines a three-dimensional region where the probability of finding an electron is maximum. The wave function suggests that the probability of finding an electron in three-dimensional space around the nucleus involves two...
Introduction of principal, azimuthal, magnetic, and spin quantum number and orbital designation in chemistry or physics

Quantum Number

What is Quantum Number? Quantum number or principal (n), azimuthal (l), magnetic (m), and spin (s) quantum numbers in chemistry or physics describe the size, shape, and orientation of an orbital in an atom. Bohr model could not explain the...
Helium element chemical symbol and periodic table properties


Helium Element Properties Helium chemical symbol He, atomic number 2 is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, inert, monatomic gas or chemical element of Group 18 of the periodic table. It is the second lightest element after hydrogen which can not...
Colloidal nature of enzymes, definition, specific examples and characteristics of enzyme catalysis reactions, the kinetics of enzymolysis reaction


Enzymes Meaning in Science Enzyme or Enzymes are the colloidal nature of three-dimensional complex protein molecules in science with specific characteristics for the formation of enzyme catalysis reactions. These are produced from the leaving plant and animals from our environment...
Formation of ionic bond and compounds in chemistry

Ionic Bond

Definition of Ionic Bond Electropositive and electronegative chemical elements form an ionic bond due to the transfer of electrons from electropositive to electronegative atoms forming ions that are bound by strong electrostatic forces to form ionic compounds. The ionic bond...
Rules for writing electron-configuration Electronic configuration or electron configuration of orbitals takes place according to the following rules. The maximum number of electrons in the main quantum shell = 2n2, where n = principal quantum number. Principal quantum number or...
Hydrogen element, symbol and periodic table properties


Hydrogen in Periodic Table of Elements Hydrogen, symbol H, molecular formula H2 is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable gaseous chemical substance among the periodic table family. In chemistry or chemical science, the hydrogen atom is the only member of the...